Caveman Dirty Steaks | Meat Ranger | Gauteng 3
Caveman Dirty Steaks | Meat Ranger | Gauteng 2

If you don’t have a grid in the bush, this is what you do!

Bush style cooking at its best.

Took these C-Grade sirloins, check that yellow fat and slapped them directly onto hot Mopani wood coals, caveman style. Added a homemade butter based Dijon sauce and draped it over the steak stack. Wow!! Bush braai heaven.

Meat cut – C-Grade Grass-fed Sirloin steaks

Braai method – Wood fire – Choice of wood is key – Mopani or any other hard wood

Apply Salt and Black Pepper ONLY to the steaks. The steaks go directly onto the hot coals so no marinade or oil basting is recommended. This will prevent flair ups and burning of your steak.

Apply steaks directly onto the coals and braai 3 min a side for medium rare.

Remove from coals and rest for 5 min.

Sauce – I made a Butter based Dijon Sauce – See Sauces for recipe.

Ranger Tip – One can used Lump wood charcoal for this style of braaiing. Do not use processed briquettes as the chemicals will effect the overall taste and ruin this amazing braai method.

Caveman Dirty Steaks | Meat Ranger | Gauteng 5