Bush Boma Boerie Burger

Bush Boma Boerie Burger

Pre Time: 10min

Cooking Time: 20min

Feeds How Many –  6


  • 2 x Pack Boma Meat Market
  • 6 x Hamburger Rolls
  • Chakalaka Sauce
  • Kings Preserve Onion Relish
Boerewors | meatRanger | Gauteng

How To Do It

Weekend bush breaks are a South African favourite. And another South African favourite is boerewors, add some local Chakalaka sauce and some Kings Preserve Onion Relish and you have the perfect Bush Boma Boerie Burger – Quick and easy bush lunch.

I’ve always judged a butcher by his/her boerewors and Boma Meat Market in Pretoria have some of the best boerewors available and it’s a firm favourite of mine.

Ranger Tip

Don’t over do your boerewors. Remove from the fire when its medium, rest for 10 minutes and then cut/break your wors into bite sized pieces.

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