Rib Eye Steaks | MeatRanger | Braai Recipes

Aged Rib-Eye Steaks Braai

Pre Time: 4hrs – Marinading time

Cooking Time: 8min

Feeds How Many – 6 people

Seared over hot Coals


  • 4 x 350g Aged Rib-Eye Steaks
  • Worcestershire Sauce
  • MeatRanger Butcher’s Blend Dry Rub
  • Green Salads of choice
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When In Dullstroom…

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The Perfect Outdoor Office

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Boerewors and Chakalaka Starter

How To Do It

When one goes out flyfishing and you don’t catch a trout then this is the route to take.

Rib-eye Steak, dry-aged, has to be one of the most flavorsome cuts of meat available. Hands down. Make it grass-fed and you have one of my favourite ‘go to’ braai meats. It makes a statement when done correctly and it’s easy to prepare and braai.

As it’s one of the cuts of meat that’s full of flavour, little has to be done to a rib-eye. I based the rib-eye in Worcestershire sauce and let it rest for 4 hours. Just before we place them on the searing hot open-fire, I liberally apply my dry rub.

3minutes a side, rest for 8min, carve and serve.

After a long day of outdoors, flyfishing and waterfall trailing, this is the perfect braai to end off a day in the bush.

Dullstroom Waterfall

The South African outdoors…bliss mate.

Ranger Tip

As always, sear this steak as close as possible to the coals. That flavour crust or ‘bark” is what one is after.