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July 2014, picture the setting – Location – Kalahari Bushveld. Jackals calling in the distance, Bush TV going, bitterly cold craft beer in hand, nyama airing and about to be handed the open-fire cooking treatment I’d become so fond of since my days working in the Kruger National Park. What more could a bloke ask for……

A passion for outdoor cooking and lifestyle that came with it needed to be shared. The locations and recipes needed to be shared, the friends around the fire needed to hear the stories. And so I started to post my pics of my outdoor cooking experiences.

Over the past 6 years, 1000+ posts later and a lot more friends made, I’ve decided to launch my website. A celebration of the occasion, the meat, the farmer and your local butcher. Add in a few craft beers and you have a site that’s here to bring the outdoor cooking community together.

Join me in my experiences, my recipes and let’s share in the occasion, together. Let’s keep those fires burning.