My Butchers Blok | Wild Olive Wood Shavings

South African Atomic Buffalo Turds (Yes they are a thing now)

A uniquely South African Twist to the Atomic Buffalo Turds by adding boerewors!!
Smoked in the gas grill, using My Butchers Block Wild Olive Wood Shavings. Thanks to Impala butchery for joining us on this amazing smoke and providing me with their amazing meat.
Stuffed Jalapeños are always a winner for any party food or tapas meal and that wood shaving flavor created the perfect taste balance.
Atomic Buffalo Turds | South Africa

What you will need:

– Wild Olive Shavings
– Jalapenos
– Cream cheese
– Bacon
– Thin Boerewors
– Grated Cheddar Cheese
– BBQ Spice
– Piping Bag
– Chicken Wings
– South African Jimmy’s Steakhouse Sauce

Dipping sauce:

– Parmesan Cheese
– Mayonnaise
– Butter Milk
– Parsley
– Fresh chives