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Aged Sirloin and Hassleback potatoes

Pre Time: 1h30

Cooking Time:  Steak – 7minutes – Medium Rare
Potatoes – 1h45

Feeds How Many -2


  • 2 x 300gram Aged Sirloin Steaks – Impala Meats
  • 5 x Medium Potatoes – I normally use Mediterranean Potatoes for Hassleback
  • 100G Butter
  • 50ml Olive Oil
  • Kings Meat Dry spice rub – “Jacques se braai spice”
  • 1 x tsp Brown sugar
  • 50ml Worcestershire sauce
  • Grated parmesan cheese

How To Do It

As always, ensure that you bring your meat down to room temperature. I know it is not always possible but if you can, try and not freeze your meat. I personally prefer meat that’s come straight from the butcher.

Rest your meat for an hour in Worcestershire Sauce. Once you are ready to braai, sprinkle your Dry rub and sugar onto the meat. The sugar is purely to create that flavour crust or bark. It will not alter or take away from that meaty flavour.

Sear for 3min a side as close to the coals as possible. Remove and rest for 8minutes.

For my open fire I used Kameeldoring Wood from Namibia.

Sear each side for 3min1000

Sear each side for 3min

Hassleback Potatoes

Love a crispy Parmesan hackleback potato. Key to a decent hassleback is in the preparation. Your blade is key. Make sure you use your sharpest AND thinnest blade. Secondly, place your potato in the arch of a wooden spoon. Cut down to the spoon. You will thank me later.

Place in oven at 150degrees, and coat with melted butter and olive oil mixture. After 30minutes the potato starts to ‘open up’, coat the spuds again. On the 1h15 mark, sprinkle each spud with a tablespoon of Parmesan cheese.

Rest for 8min then carve

Rest for 8min then carve

Served with a side salad

Served with a side salad

Aged Sirloin and Hassleback potatoes

You sometimes notice, as in the case on my Sirloins, that you see a blue or green coloring. Do not be alarmed or worry. This is purely vegetable dye, which is edible, that is used in the quality control and grading process as the abattoir.

Ranger Tip

Making use of a wooden spoon to cut down on your hassleback potatoes ensures that you get and even, good looking spud.