Honey Glazed Pork Rashers | Pork Rashers | The Flying Pig

Ranger Ribs – Beer & Bourbon Baby Back Ribs

Pre Time: 5min

Cooking Time: 20min

Feeds How Many – As a starter, 6-8 braai lovers


  • 1kg of The Flying Pig’s Honey Glazed Pork Rasher
  • Bitterly cold Beer
1kg Flying Pig Pork Rashers

1kg Flying Pig Pork Rashers

Unpack and bring to room temp

Unpack and bring to room temp

Braai unitl golden crispy colour

 Braai unitl golden crispy colour

How To Do It

Have you ever braaied or even seen 1kg of Honey Glazed Pork Rashers………..in a single packaging? Me neither. It’s like these rashers went to private school they were so big and juicy.

Not much to this recipe to be honest. Here, the rasher was the hero from the time I removed them from the packaging. Done as a starter to the main course these were insanely big and packed full of flavour.

Done on the open fire for around 20 minutes in total.

As these contain honey, make sure to monitor the heat and turn regularly as you do not want these to burn.

Flying Pig Pork Rashers | MeatRanger | I can smell this pic

I can smell this pic

Plate and serve | Pork Rashers | Honey Glazed

Plate and serve

Ranger Tip

If in doubt, buy two packs.  That take away that makes this special.