TOMAHAWK Pork Chop | The Flying Pig | Meat Ranger

Pork Tomahawk Steak

Prep Time:

These tomahawks come vacuum packed and frozen from The Flying Pig – Ideal is to defrost them in the fridge a day before hand. Try and not break the cold chain. Remove from fridge & outer packaging 30min prior to braaiing – Meat needs to breath and come up to room temp before the final dance.

Cooking Time: 6min a side

Feeds How Many – 1 – You are allowed to be selfish with this one.


darling brew just beer

Ranger tip – Always have an ice cold craft beer on hand. 

How To Do It

Get that wood fire burning. As a standard I start off my wood fire with Kameeldoring Wood and add a few pieces of Mopani wood once the fire gets going. This is a great combo and allows for an inferno of hardwood coals.

Once the coals are ready, lower your grid to the lowest position. Why? For that flavour crust. Sear each side of the Tomahawk for 1min a side as close to the coals as possible. Thereafter, raise the grid an inch or 2 and braai for a further 5minutes each side. Remove from the grid and rest for 8minutes.

Remember, you do not want to eat this steak well done. A little pink in the center is what you want. Juicy, tender and packed with flavour

Ranger Tip

Contrary to popular belief, Pork does NOT have to be cremated to be enjoyed. You CAN enjoy a Medium Rare pork steak. You will not die. Trust me.