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Meat cut

Free Range Rolled Wagyu Beef Brisket

Braai method

Kettle braai (Weber Braai) – As this is a lengthy process be sure to add briquettes during the braaiing process.

Free-Range Wagyu Brisket!! Wow! From farm to fork, my mate Ryan has invested in some Wagyu cows and landed this for Christmas Lunch. I smoked this for 3hrs, wrapped it for 2 and rested it in a cooler for an hour. Thanks Live Fire Republic for the towel wrapping tip.

That brisket bark and that silky smooth wagyu juice made for one amazing piece of meat to add to our holiday spread. What a treat. Good food, family, friends and good vibes.

How To Do It

Dry brine for 24hrs with MeatRanger’s Butchers Blend using mustard as a binder.

Weber Braai – Indirect Heat – Cherry Wood Smoke Add drip tray under brisket, with water to ensure moisture retention during cook Place Brisket on indirect heat side of the Weber. Add handful of soaked cherry wood chips every hour for the first 2 hours.

Rolled Wagyu Brisket

Dry-Rub and rest for 24hrs

Indirect heat for 3hrs – Smoked

Spritz every hour

Wrap in tinfoil

Back in Weber for 2hrs

Spritz Brisket with water every hour – 2hrs.

Maintain ambient heat at around 125degress – Add additional briquettes if needed.

Once 3 hrs have passed, double wrap the Brisket in Heavyduty tinfoil – re insert meat thermometer Back in the Weber for 2hours Once you get to 5degrees from desired internal temp (97degrees) – Removed covered Brisket, wrap in additional beach towel and place in sealed cooler box for 1hour to rest.

Wrap in towel in cooler for 1hr

Hows that Brisket bark

Ready to be carved

Ranger Tip

Wrapping it and sealing it allows the meat to rest, get up to desired temperature and to ensure a moisture & tender result.

One of my best cooks to date and was a Christmas Lunch winner.

See that silky wagyu juice

Wagyu winner