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Free Range Sirloin-on-the-Bone

Pre Time: 1hour

Cooking Time: 7 minutes for the steak, 45minutes for the Pap.

Feeds How Many – 1


  • 400g Free Range Sirloin on the Bone – Meat.The Mother supplied this amazing steak.
  • 2 x Tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
  • Ranger Butchers Blend Dry Rub
  • Pap
  • Chakalaka Sauce
Ensure a decent hot fire

 Ensure a decent hot fire

Introduce your steak to its maker

Introduce your steak to its maker

Always pair with a craft brew

Always pair with a craft brew

How To Do It

Always get your fire going well in advance, it not only creates an amazing atmosphere, but one needs some seriously hot coals for a steak braai.

Get your pap going on the stove or in your cast-iron pot over the fire.

When I’m on the game farm I always purchase my favourite chakalaka sauce from one of the locals in the nearby town – I’m still trying to convince her to give me the recipe.

An hour before your braai, ensure your meat is room temperature and coat in Worcestershire sauce. Cover and leave to rest.

Once ready to braai, season your steak with either Black Pepper or your favourite steak rub. Here I used my Ranger Butcher’s Blend Dry Rub. You will notice I do not apply salt. The Worcestershire Sauce provide that salt component.

Get your braai grid as close to the coals as possible, heat and clean the grid.

Braai your bone in steak for 3.5 minutes per side for a perfect medium rare. Remove and rest for 8minutes.


Sear for 3.5min each side

Sear for 3.5min each side

5 Then the other

Then the other

Slice and enjoy

Ranger Tips:

For Bone in steaks, I always add an additional 30seconds to the braaiing time per side.