Surf and Turf Karoo | MeatRanger

Surf & Karoo Recipe

Prep Time: 60min

Cooking Time: 20min

Feeds How Many – 2 braai lovers.


  • 6 Karoo Loin Chops
  • Lamb Dry Rub spices
  • 4 Giant LM Prawns
  • Garlic
  • Butter
  • Fresh Lemons – lots
  • Hot sauce(peri-peri)
  • Chopped Parsley
  • Teaspoon honey
Dry Rub and Skewer your lamb

Dry Rub and Skewer your lamb

De veined LM Prawns

De veined LM Prawns

Place Lamb & Lemons on grid

Place Lamb & Lemons on grid

How To Do It

There are various methods of braaiing a lamb chop, this one is great, it ensures you get a consistent crispy fat, little crispy ends with a succulent center piece of meat. In a Butcher’s world, a loin chop is the t-bone cut. True story.

Apply your dry rub on all sides, grab a skewer (that has been soaking in water for an hour) and skewer the lamb chops – See video.

Once the outer edges of your lamb are crispy, remove the wooden skewers and sear quickly for a minute each side.

Now for the Giant LM Prawns – I got these from my local Seafood supplier in Dunkeld, and the provide a de veining service as well, awesome. We all hate deveining prawns and I’m happy to pay for the service.

Melt your butter, fresh lemon juice, peri-peri sauce and crushed garlic in a small skillet over open fire. Add your dash of honey and freshly chopped parsley. Rest one side of the fire keeping it warm.

Now once you’ve turned your Lamb chops for the first time, dunk your prawns in the marinade and place on grid, yes, they’ll flare up but keep turning. Once they get that golden colour, around 8min in total, take them off and pour remaining lemon/butter juice over them. Enjoy your Surf and Turf……Karoo!!!

Enjoy the blend of Surf & Karoo aromas

Plate and enjoy

Plate and enjoy

Ranger Tip

New trick(for me) – Take 4 lemons, cut them in half and place them flesh side down on the open fire. The heat will soften them and using your braai tongs, grab and squeeze over your lamb and prawns.