Stuffed Chicken Roll | Braai Recipe

Glazed Cream Cheese & Jalapeño Chicken Roll

Pre Time: 10min

Cooking Time: +-50min

Feeds How Many –  4


  • 1 x Cream Cheese & Jalapeño Stuffed Chicken Roll – Chef ‘n Thyme – Midlands – Linga Lapa Butchery
  • Honey, Garlic & Harissa Glaze
    • 50g unsalted Butter
    • 2 x garlic cloves
    • 5 x tbsp apple cider vinegar
    • 1 x tbsp soy sauce – light
    • 1/3 x cup honey
    • 1 x tsp harissa paste
  • Rainbow Asian Slaw
  • Crushed Potatoes
Defrost in fridge for 24 hrs

Defrost in fridge for 24 hrs

The perefect Bacon Weave wrap

The perfect Bacon Weave wrap

How To Do It

The Natal Midlands is absolutely one of my favourite spots in the country, rich in history and there is just so much to do and see. A great stop over for a family weekend.

When travelling up or down to Durban, I always stop over at the Linga Lapa Butchery, just off the N3. Great family-run farmstall which supports all the local farmers, from amazing pork to hundreds of homemade condiments.

Their farm style butcher has a number of amazing items and besides the pork ribs, which is always the first in my basket, I decided to try out their prepackaged, stuffed deboned chicken, wrapped in Bacon.

Wow!! Seriously bleak I only purchased one. And they had a variety of different stuffing’s.

Braai over indirect heat

Braai over indirect heat

I decided to fire up the Weber using my Cue the Barbeque Lump Wood Charcoal and prepare for an indirect heat braai. Once the internal Weber temp reached 130degrees I placed my stuffed chicken on the grill. Inserted my Meatermade meat thermometer and set the temp to an internal 74degrees.

Heading onto the glaze I heated up a skillet, placed all the ingredients inside and simmered to a thick liquid glaze. 30minutes into the braai I liberally based the chicken and again 5min prior to reaching desired temperature. Removed from the heat and rested for 5minutes before carving.

Adding some garlic and parmesan crushed roasted potatoes (in duck fat) and a light Asian rainbow slaw, this was a perfect midweek braai for the family.

Baste with glaze

Baste with glaze

Rest for 5min

Rest for 5min



7 and enjoy


Ranger Tip

I added the glaze to this amazingly crafted piece of meat, however, not adding the glaze would also have been amazing. A light smoke using Maple Wood shavings would also work out well.